Josie (justtothesea) wrote,

art: on the line; pete/patrick, p!atd gsf

So, so. Dear dancinbutterfly prompted something for my art meme and my brain obscured it somewhere along the way, because originally, it was supposed to be this:
Patrick stumbles upon Panic having a sweaty boypile orgy on tour. Frozen in shock, his cell phone vibrates and what ho, its Pete. And his question is "What're you doing now?" For some reason beyond him, Patrick tells him.

And now, going back to read and copy/paste that prompt, I realise I actually veered away from the point. *headdesk* And I'm so sorry if this is not what you wanted at all. If you like, you can prompt me again! I feel extra unhappy with it anyway because it's so messy and sketchy and I copped out on the porn, totally.

on the line; pete/patrick, p!atd (brendon/spencer/dallon/ian) gsf
by justtothesea
Hard R - NC-17
summary: "You don't have to do anything. Just tell me. Tell me what they're doing to Brendon, Patrick."

originally posted at dreamwidth. comment here, comment there comment anywhere!
Tags: !doodles, band: fall out boy, band: panic! at the disco, pairing: brendon/spencer, pairing: gsf, pairing: pete/patrick
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