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Hello all! I have tafe stuff taking up most of my time but I wanted to post a general hi and some art times!

Once upon a time, the lovely [personal profile] manuanya got me my awesome pinboard account and I wanted to give her something equally awesome in return. So! I wanted to art her something, like, with my hands and paper and an available post office person (she'd only be recieving the art, not the person).

Unfortunately, since I've gotten into digital drawing my hand-to-paper work has suffered some, (okay a lot, it wasn't too great before either) and I just kept getting frustrated and not finishing anything.

Then one day I remembered; I have clay! And paint! And shit finally started coming together and I didn't want to destroy things. ♥



Double 'sup

But like, I'm Gerard so extra 'sup from me, back the fuck up Frank I got this.


Yeeah this is my good side

Mah other good side, you can look but you can't touch, sorryy

This is my other other good side, I-- aw wait Frank what the fuck man

Yeah you better stay back there or I'll--


This isn't over, Frank!

Sorry Gerard what was that?

Can't hear you over the sound of me being fucking sexy.

How's this for a good side, huh?

Or this!




Aah! the giant's touching me!

It's cool, you hide from her up there, I'll protect you.

Thanks, man. I hope she eats you last.

Where did it go?

We must search. Frank! Rotate with me!

Not there. Nope.



I lied, I hope she eats you first.

I hate you Frank.

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Tags: !doodles, band: my chemical romance, fandom: bandom, pairing: frank/gerard, pairing: gen
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