Josie (justtothesea) wrote,

greetings, earthlings!

Man, I wish I used this more often. Somehow I got just got as bad at being around socially online as I am offline. Though I think I'm worse with "real life".

I'm sorry for being so gone. I used to be so much better at keeping up with people, but now apart from the odd art posts I haven't been around much at all. It's not that I don't want to be, I just feel like I've been... drifting. Things just suck and everything's hard and yeah.

By the way, I really appreciate every one of you for sticking by me even though I've been distant. These past few months have been isolating, and while most of that's my own fault, real life or not you guys have given me the most reliable support though it all, thank you for that ♥.

Soooo, how are you?

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Yes hello I haven't been on this site for years. ;__;

TBH I suck at being social too so don't feel bad. I almost want to give you my cellphone number but idk if international texting is a thing. .__.
Neither, I miss you I love you ;__; Idk either but now I really want international texting to be a thing!

Dude do I have your gmail? 'cause we can chat on that and at least I'll be better at emailing you that way :| WE'RE TOO COOL TO BE PARTED BY SUCH TRIVIAL THINGS LIKE DISTANCE AND SUCKING AT BEING SOCIAL, I FORGOT HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUR ICON WAS
Good news, apparently it's a thing I can do for $10 extra on my plan, in addition to calling international landlines.
That's awesome! I'll look into mine to see if it's a thing for me too
I hope so. I'd totally pay an extra $10 a month to text you. :D
I love and miss you too. <3 I'm gonna find out.

I do have gmail. It's
I know I already emailed you, I just really wanted to say that
Missed you Josie! I suck at being social with work and ICH
Missed you too!! And those are excellent reasons to suck, I hope everything's going great for you <3 <3