Josie (justtothesea) wrote,

(art!) hp, snape/lupin

<< Snape in the presence of wolf!Lupin

Oh man, so many thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] malnpudl for commissioning me and being ever so patient and supportive - as well as to everyone that's commissioned me, I have no words for how grateful I am for the kindness you've all shown me. ♥

There are two versions because I am fickle! I wanted one where they vistit one another's portraits and have sexual tension, eg.

But I also wanted something less saturated with a darker feeling, and so we have


Now, these ones sort of fit together on purpose; morning - midday - nighttime. I really enjoyed drawing the ideas [personal profile] malnpudl had, and these gave me a better feel for their relationship :) (also! Lupin's book is titled "Solving your Slytherin" if you were wondering.)

These will be on my tumblr soon, too. :D

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Tags: !commissioned, !doodles, fandom: harry potter, pairing: snape/lupin
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My goodness, these are lovely! The portraits within the ink-in-water pattern is compelling. But I really like the morning scene and think they are especially handsome in the "Ready" panels. You've captured them very nicely. I especially admire your Remus. Oddly, he seems to be harder to capture than Severus for many artists.
Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing that as I enjoyed drawing Remus most of the both of them. These were very fun to do, and I'm glad you liked them, thank you for the comment!
Love every one. You got such a great range of expressions going, but it's always a feeling of wary fondness, if that makes sense. Makes sense to me with these two, lol.
I love the clothes, the faces, the hair, the sets. You used the moon covering for the dueling table! Love it! And their bodies are particularly appealing. Beautiful pieces!
Ha! I'm glad you caught the wary fondness and the dueling table cover. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them ^^!