Josie (justtothesea) wrote,

hey peeps

Hello guys! I've really missed the journal-y experience. Tumblr is so not conducive to discussion, sometimes the most interaction I get from there is reblogs. How are you all?

I've been mostly good! Still floundering around with my life a bit, but I have my own room now, moved in all my stuff and painted things to make it look pretty. So that's a good thing, I count it. It's strange not sharing a room, but I'm getting used to it. Also masturbation when you don't share a room with someone else is hella good man, I no longer have to wait for "special occasions" of alone time, I also now have a little vibin' buddy and we are very happy together thnks fr askn. Still doing art, still slow as a turtle.

HEY so what do you do when any time you're invited to a social gathering everyone leaves to go smoke weed? I don't smoke, because I don't like the burning in my lungs or choking in front of people or feeling fuzzy-headed, though sometimes it helps with my anxiety at parties. I don't get invited to things much, and I'm worried it's because I don't smoke? I don't have a problem with it at all, it's just not really my thing. Man I feel awkward though. It's like that scene in Friends when Rachel pretended she smoked to feel part of the conversation at work.

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Usually if I'm invited to an event and everyone leave to smoke weed (very common in college, so lame) I usually just leave myself because fuck whomever invited me to an occasion where they'd eventually exclude me. That's so rude.

Duuude yeah. It sucks, it's usually too far away and too late for me to leave so I get stuck there /o\