Queen of Hell

"For a clitoris is holy amongst all things, said He."

24 January 1990
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Hey there, handsome stranger. Or perhaps you're someone I already know. Weird.

Feel free to add/friend/watch/suscribe/give access/track the fuck out of me. If I'm around and can tell you are a conscious being, I will most likely do so back and we will become mutual whatevers. Any burning queries might already be answered in masterpost (pro-tip: scroll to the bottom till you hit "worthy of note") or you can contact me via message if you wanna get funky.

For those interested, here is the Pete/Patrick rec-list. Please note that it is no longer being regularly updated or maintained. Some links may be inactive or lead to locked entries.

I am over 18 and post some mature content *cough*I might wanna draw and post porn sometimes*cough* that stuff will be warned for and put under a cut. Sometimes I forget to comment on friend's posts because I think I already have when I haven't, also I think I'm hilarious. Sorry.

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